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  A complication is any feature added to a timepiece beyond the basic hours, minutes, and seconds. Complications that are common in modern watchmaking are calendars(day,date), chronographs, alarms, and automatic winding mechanisms. Although, there are many other types of complications split-second chronographs, moon phases, and repeaters to name a few.

  • 17 Dec 2014 7:12 AM | Anonymous

      These movements were used by a number of Brands, Omega, Patek, Franck Muller...and so on. I look forward to work in the morning when one of these is on the bench. 

  • 30 Nov 2014 9:28 PM | Anonymous

      I do find complicated watches fascinating, and it is obvious that I am not alone. The value of complicated watches is not easy to ignore, as they are among the most expensive timepieces in the world. One in particular housing 24 complications made for Henry Graves in 1933 had pre-auction estimates of $17 million for a November auction at Sotheby's. Its not often a watch like this comes across the bench, but still none the less interesting.


      Modern chronographs, like modules made by Dubois Depraz are found in variety of brands from Heuer to Patek with the whole scope of price range. But, when I think of modern chronograph modules I wonder if they are inferior/or superior to say a vintage Lemania caliber when it comes to longevity? Curious, what the watchmakers opinions are?

  • 28 Nov 2014 3:43 PM | Anonymous

    Please welcome Anthony Stapleton, our first blog author at the Chronometer Club. Most of the watchmakers I know love watches and especially the unusual ones. Anthony has accumulated a fair amount of knowledge of these watches and certainly the vast experience of our membership, when combined, exceeds the experience of any one person. Please welcome him, and this blog. Hopefully it can provide a place for discussing the unusual watches that pass over the benches. I personally want to thank Anthony for stepping forward to facilitate this blog.

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