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The name of this organization shall be “The Chronometer Club”.


To provide a technical forum for professional horologists engaged in the service and repair of Certified Chronometer WATCHES, for the express purpose of enhancing the level of craftsmanship and elevating quality standards.


This organization shall be governed by this Constitution and its Bylaws and shall conduct business as outlined by “Robert’s Rules of Order”.


Membership shall be open to any aspiring, practicing, or retired professional watchmaker interested in the maintenance, repair, conservation, or preservation of Certified Chronometer Watches.


Dues shall be determined by the Executive Committee of this organization.


The officers of this organization shall be a president, a vice-president, a secretary, a vice-secretary, and a treasurer. They shall be elected by the membership at the Annual Meeting, and shall serve until replaced at a subsequent annual meeting. Their duties shall be outlined in the Bylaws.


Sec. 1– The Executive Committee shall consist of the President, the Vice-President, the Secretary, the Vice-Secretary, and the Treasurer.

Sec. 2– The categories of committees shall be “Standing Committees” and “Special Committees”. The committees shall be appointed by the President and approved by the Executive Committee.


Sec. 1- A proposed amendment to this Constitution shall be signed by ten or more members and presented to the President of the organization.

Sec. 2 - The proposed amendment to the Constitution shall be mailed to the membership, along with a reply card or letter, within sixty days of its receipt by the President. The membership is required to return their ballots to the Secretary within thirty days after the date they were mailed.

Sec. 3- Two-thirds of the votes that are received by the Secretary shall be cause for the amendment to take effect immediately.


Sec. 1- An amendment to the Bylaws may be made by following the same procedure as outlined for constitutional amendments.

Sec. 2– Amendments to the Bylaws may also be made at the annual meeting, without prior notice, by a two-thirds majority vote of the members present.



Sec. 1 - Membership is open to those who are over the age of 18 years. Application for membership constitutes agreement to the membership policies as stated in the policies document of the organization.

Sec. 2 - All Members are subject to membership privilege revocation, without a refund of dues, upon exhibiting conduct that is deemed to be unacceptable to the membership as determined by the Executive Committee. Participation in the forums is subject to the oversight of a designated moderator or administrator. Appeals may be made to the Executive Committee. Any decision of the Executive Committee can be appealed to the membership at the annual meeting.

Sec. 3 - All members agree, as a condition for membership, to conduct themselves in a professional manor and also...

•Enhance the image of The Chronometer Club and it's members.

•Elevate respect for the professional watchmaker by personal example

•Preserve the integrity of Chronometer Watches

Members are encouraged to form respectful relationships. While spirited discussions are considered helpful, failure to respect each other as persons is unacceptable and therefore everyone is required to refrain from the use of profanity or personal accusations in the forums. We request any complaint about the actions of another member be directed to the President or Executive Committee by a written communication. Complaints about any member may be forwarded in writing to the Secretary.

Sec. 4 – All members whose dues are current shall be entitled to vote on all issues brought before the organization.


Sec. 1 – The amount of dues and membership levels will be as stated in the Policy Document.

Sec. 2 – No member will be entitled to any refund of dues upon severing connections with this organization.


Sec. 1 – All officers shall serve for a term of one year unless re-elected at the annual meeting. The President shall not be eligible to serve for more than three consecutive terms.

Sec. 2 – All officers shall be selected from the nominees presented from the floor at the Annual Meeting. A majority vote of the members present is required for election.

Sec. 3 – The term of all officers shall begin after their election and continue to the following annual meeting.

Sec. 4 – The President shall be the chief executive officer of the organization, shall preside over all meetings, and shall appoint committees as needed.

Sec. 5 – The Vice-President shall perform all duties of the President during his or her unavailability or incapacitation. The Vice-President shall also assume the office of President until the next annual meeting, in the event of a continuing vacancy.

Sec. 6 – The Secretary shall keep the minutes of all meetings, maintain the membership files, and mail newsletters and all notices to the members.

Sec. 7 – The Treasurer shall keep complete and accurate records of all receipts and expenditures of the organization, shall pay all expenses when due, and shall provide a financial report at each annual meeting.

Sec. 8 - The Vice-Secretary shall perform all duties of the Secretary during his or her unavailability or incapacitation. The Vice-Secretary shall also assume the office of the Secretary until the next annual meeting, in the event of a continuing vacancy.

Sec. 9 – The President, Vice-President, and Technical Director shall be able to prove, prior to their nomination, that their primary vocation is, or was, watchmaking and that they have a current industry-recognized certification.


Sec. 1 – A membership meeting and technical seminar shall be held annually. The location and date shall be determined by the Executive Committee.

Sec. 2 – Ten percent of the current membership, or a minimum of ten members, shall be considered a quorum for the election of officers and/or conducting the business of this organization.


This organization shall be an affiliate chapter of the “American Watchmakers-Clockmakers Institute”.


Sec. 1 - The Chronometer Club Policy Document represents the current policies as adopted by the Executive Committee.

Sec. 2 – These policies may not conflict with the Constitution or Bylaws and are displayed as an attachment to the Constitution and Bylaws.

Sec. 3 – Other club practices may be stated elsewhere but the policies in the Policies Document have been adopted by the Executive Committee as the official policies and all other practices must agree with the intent of these official policies.

Sec. 4 – The official policies may be changed by a majority vote of the Executive Committee at any time in order to provide effective governance of the club.  


Adopted - - January 31, 2000

Amended - August 1, 2002

Amended - November 1, 2003

Amended - July 31, 2008
Amended – August 6, 2009

Amended – April 15, 2011

Amended - September 30, 2015

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