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Member Registration is a snap and you can keep your member information up to date by editing your member profile anytime you want.

  • If you are Joining Us as a New Member, go to the “Become A Member” page and follow the instructions.
  • If you are already a member, you can log in using your membership email address. If you are using the Yahoo Group, your membership email is the same as the Yahoo Group email. If you received an email from us it was sent to your membership address. You can reset your password by using the "forgot password" feature.  A temporary password will be emailed to your membership address.  Then you can edit your profile and create a new password.

Important Information:

  • As of November 1, 2014 Members will use only one email address for both the the Yahoo group and The Chronometer Club website.
  • Joining The Chronometer Club does not automatically place a member in the Yahoo Group.  For more information on the Yahoo Group, please visit the Yahoo Group page on this site.
  • If you already are a member of Yahoo, please use your Yahoo email address when you join The Chronometer Club.
  • An invitation to the Yahoo Group will be sent to your email address by the administrator of the Yahoo Group. This may take a few days. When the invitation is received just follow the instructions to join the Yahoo Group.
Once you are a registered you can sign in, renew your membership, edit your profile and view "member only" content. This includes the "Members Forum" and  "Member Directory".
  • Go to "view profile" at the top of the page on the right when you are signed in.
  • Then use the "edit " button to make changes in the profile.
  • Please carefully check the information there for accuracy and add any missing information.

Please review the Club Policies. By joining, members agree to abide by the Constitution, Bylaws and Policies of the Club posted on the Club Policies page. Generally, this means members must treat each other with respect and with conduct that is becoming of a professional horologist.

Most Blogs and much of the web content is available to the public view. The image of the professional horologist is very important to the club. We encourage all members to be responsible for improving that image. 
We are an affiliate chapter of The American Watchmaklers - Clockmakers Institute and subscribe to the code of ethics. Our members are encouraged to become members of the institute and enjoy the educational, certification, and other benefits provided. 


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