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The Chronometer Club Policy Document

Article I – Membership Policies

Sec. 1 – Persons interested in becoming a member of this organization are required to submit a membership application.

Sec. 2 – Persons making application for membership will be subject to review by the officers to determine if they are engaged in the service and repair of chronometer watches, and have a genuine interest in helping the club.

Sec. 3 – Persons whose application is accepted, dues are current, and membership privileges have not been revoked will receive the following member privileges.

1. Access to website and all member privileges including those sections available to members only. This includes the Member Directory, Constitution, Bylaws, and Policies Document and various forums etc.

2. A numbered membership card when requested.

3. A wall certificate when requested.

4. A periodic bulletin, including news and technical information

Article II – Dues

Sec. 1 – Membership Levels are indicated on the website. The current dues levels are:

1. Advertiser – complementary year to year upon placing substantial advertisement in the Newsletter.

2. Honorary – no dues based on service to the organization. This includes the Officers, Editor and Technical Director.

Article III – Directors

Sec. 1 – The Technical Director is appointed by the President subject to approval of the Executive Committee and is responsible for reviewing all technical articles and published information for technical correctness.

Sec. 2 - The Editorial Director “Editor” is appointed by the President subject to approval of the Executive Committee and is responsible for the content, appearance, and timely publication of the Newsletter.

Sec. 3 – The Website Director “Webmaster” is appointed by the president subject to approval of the Executive Committee and is responsible for the function, content and appearance of the Website. The “Webmaster” will not be responsible for the membership records or financial data managed on the website as these are the duties of the Secretary and Treasurer respectively.

Sec 4 – Forum Director “Forum Administrator” is appointed by the president subject to approval of the Executive Committee and is responsible for the coordination or privileges on the Yahoo E-group and website forums. The “Forum Administrator” may appoint as many moderators as needed. Moderators have the authority to discipline or eject members from forums for misconduct subject to review of the Forum Administrator.

Article IV – Distribution Of Member Information

Sec. 1 – The names, mailing addresses, phone and fax numbers, and e-mail addresses of all current and paid members of this organization shall be available to all members whose dues are current. This information is for the purpose of sharing information and discussing problems.

Sec. 2 – The mailing list of the membership, along with contact information, shall not be given or sold to anyone, with the exception of the “American Watchmakers-Clockmakers Institute”

Article V – Forum Guidelines

Sec. 1 – A technical focus and professionalism are objectives of “The Chronometer Club”. The primary Technical Forum shall be limited to topics that are technical and/or educational in nature, with the primary focus of the inquiries and discussions being the professional support and enhancement of the bench watchmaker.

Sec. 2 – Forum topics such as parts and equipment for sale, improving the club, or current events that are not technical in nature but are considered beneficial may be created by the Webmaster and will be kept separate from the Technical Forum.

Sec. 3 – Topics that degrade slander or otherwise diminish the profession, the horologist, or the industry, shall be reserved for avenues other than club-sponsored outlets.

Sec. 4 – Postings shall be identified by the given and surname (first and last name) of the individual making the post. Anonymous posters may be temporarily suspended from the discussion group.

Sec. 5 – Members may subscribe to each forum as desired and only subscribed members will receive notices of postings.

Sec. 6 – Photos and files may be uploaded for sharing with other members. These files will be subject to approval of the Forum Administrator or Moderator and must be relative to the club activities.  

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