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"In A Material World"-- introduction: The First Blog Is The Hardest

31 Mar 2018 4:25 PM | Anonymous member



     Welcome to what will hopefully be the first of many blogs I would like to call "In A Material World". I would like to thank Michael Griner for the opportunity to write this blog.


      First, a couple of words about me. I am the VP of Twin City Supply, a 4th generation Watch Material & Jeweler's Supply House located in Minneapolis, Minnesota. We can trace our origins back to 1926, when my wife's grandfather, Harry Heifetz, worked for his Uncle, Julius Garon, at Duluth Jewelers Supply in Duluth, Minnesota. Harry moved to the Twin Cities in the mid 1930's *, opened a branch office, & Twin City Supply began. Lois's father worked alongside Harry for many years, took over as President in 1970, & both Lois, our current President, & her siblings also grew up in the family business. I first came into the business in 1987, from a successful career selling electronics, & also hosting an oldies radio show. Lois has been running the company since 2003, & we are proud to carry on the family tradition of working for our customers, not for ourselves. Both of our kids also spent time here while in high school, though neither are currently active in the business, pursing careers in both Social Work, & Computer Programming.


I am a former Board Member of the Minnesota-North Dakota Jewelers Association, a former VP of JIDA, (Jewelry Industry Distributor's Association); a VP/Co-Chair of the AWCI IAB, (Industry Advisor's Board), though I gave up both positions due to a heart attack that year-- (and I'm fine, don't worry--I'll be around for awhile). I enjoy being in the unique position of working with, & learning from, both jewelers, & watchmakers. We may have met at the AWCI Conventions held both in Minneapolis in 2005, or in Denver a few years ago, when I passionately spoke to the convention body about the Spare Parts Issue**.


     *An interesting tidbit to this, is we are the current keepers of 99 years of the Jewelers Inc. Magazine, which shut down about ten years ago, in its 99th year. it is fun to look back at these magazines from the good ole days, and trace not only our history, but that of both the watchmaking & Jewelry businesses as well.


     I am excited to share with you as I enjoy writing, speaking, (& also procrastinating***), problem solving, & selling. I am in charge of both our Facebook page, & our 5100 items!)-- I have written blogs before, both personally on Word Press, (Just from Joel); & also on LinkedIn called "What Has Happened to Customer Service"? I even post video's of driving my 1930 Ford Model A on You Tube--While I am hopeful that blogging with the Chronometer Club will bring some business to Twin City Supply, that is not my main focus. As a member, I noticed that there is a lot of knowledge out there to be shared & learned. Blogs are a great way to get conversations started.


      So there is a little bit about me. At Twin City Supply, we all wear a number of hats on any given day. The next blog is tentatively called, "A Day In The Life At A Watch Material House." but until then, please reach out to me and let me know if there is anything you would like me to write about-- any issues you are having with your work, be it problems obtaining Spare Parts**--(there it is again, we will touch on this issue); to which cleaning solutions you like to use; what to charge for your work, or for your estimates; what is an acceptable turn around time; you name it, I want to hear from you!


Never enough time, Joel 


***Michael & I started talking about my writing a blog in February-- so again, I thank him for the opportunity.  


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