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Do You have a Computer Problem?

06 Dec 2014 9:10 PM | Anonymous

Let me know what kind of problem it is.  Maybe I can help.

If you solved it yourself, Maybe the rest of us could benefit from your solution.

It is even more appropriate if it is related to a watch business.



  • 06 Dec 2014 9:44 PM | Ernest Tope (Administrator)
    Stan, I can relate to computers and watches because after squinting at watches all day it is hard to look at the screen for very long. Tey both wear out my eyes. Got any suggestions?
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    • 07 Dec 2014 10:11 AM | Anonymous
      In a lot of cases, a control + will make the type larger.

      Also a color change.

      For most folks, white on black is the easiest.

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      • 13 Dec 2014 2:24 PM | Ernest Tope (Administrator)
        WOW, it really helps to zoom in like you suggest. And I found that holding the ctrl button and scrolling the mouse zooms in also. I was wondering about something else...Running windows 7...Sometimes my computer runs the hard drive a lot, and everything slows down. I have tried to identify what is using the resources by running the task manager but nothing sticks out. What might be doing that and how can I identify it.
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