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Website Changes

24 Nov 2014 9:44 PM | Ernest Tope (Administrator)

I spoke with Justin Shiver, President of the Club. He has decided to post his upcoming President's Message here for those who want to read it before the Newsletter arrives.

Billy Best and Stan Palen are hosting blogs similar to the regular articles they have been contributing to the Newsletter. Only now the members will be able to post comments about what they have written.

Anthony Stapleton is hosting a bog on complicated watches and Matt Henning is hosting one on watch technicalities. If you have an idea for a blog let us hear it. We are all busy but the officers would like to explore what can be done with the website.

This blog is intended to be a source of information and feedback about where the club is going. Please read Justin's message and comment if you like. Remember you must be a member and log in in order to comment.


  • 10 Dec 2014 11:11 PM | Mack Shuping
    Well, I'm glad to see some activity on this website. Have we told anyone/everyone about this yet? My only concern is that I have never liked free. But then again, you can't beat the price. Maybe we could make a donation to the club if we are so moved?
    Thanks for a great start.
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    • 04 Jan 2015 11:12 PM | Ernest Tope (Administrator)
      We are cautious not to overrate the site until we get some content. I know I have heard a lot of talk about "wouldn't it be nice if..." The fact is, it is up to the members to make the most of it. We now have several bloggers and there is some interest in moving the Technical Forum to the site. Several think it is a much better venue and others don't see a need to change just yet. It is easier to read a thread and find related items. Post pictures and even do a blog if you want.
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    • 08 Jan 2015 10:03 AM | Justin Shiver (Administrator)
      Members may donate to the club when they are moved to do so. We have already had many members who had prepaid their membership donate their dues. All donations are greatly appreciated. In the near future there will be a sponsor/donor page on the website to recognize these individuals.
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